Dear students, parents and valued colleagues in the field of study abroad

Here at British Guardianship we have an excellent track record in the success rate of our students gaining qualifications at all levels from Basic Language training to Higher and Further Education.

In our world today, borders have become less defined through technology, migration and the international marketplace. Therefore, a keen knowledge of other cultures and their effect on world decisions is imperative.

Over the past twelve years we have helped, advised and placed over 150 000 students from over 70 countries world-wide in to various Boardiang Schools, UK Language schools, UK Colleges and UK Universities and we are very proud of that!

Neither book nor classroom in one’s native town or country can take the place of traveling and studying in another country. Studying abroad doesn’t just open doors to an individual’s future; it changes lives.


The success of British Guardianship

The success of British Guardianship rests on the outstanding contribution of our staff who are dedicated to making British Guardianship a place where looking after overseas students and promoting their welfare are the priorities. They are committed to welcoming your child to the UK and supporting them in all aspects of their lives while they are studying in boarding schools.

British Guardianship is well acknowledged as one of the leading guardianship and student placement agencies in England with staff who are very much experienced at looking after overseas students. One of our core values is that at British Guardianship, students come first hence we pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of individual care we deliver. Our objective is to take the safety of every child very seriously and endeavour to exceed any regulatory requirements where ever possible.

I am extremely proud that so many families choose British Guardianship to provide their son or daughter with opportunities to enrich their lives personally, academically and professionally.

Yours Sincerely and Fraternally,
Ali Kosari
Founder and Managing Director
British Guardianship

Word from Managing Director of British Guardianship.