How to apply for British Guardianship?

Please find below the step by step guide to apply for one of our guardianship packages:

Get In Touch

Get in touch with one of our British Guardianship Consultants Team. Sending your son/daughter abroad is a very important decision to make and so is appointing a guardian. Our team of British Guardianship consultants would be happy to answer all your possible questions and provide you with the best available service options to choose from. Or you can apply online using our new application form and we fill send you further details by email.

Register Your Child with British Guardianship

Upon choosing your British Guardianship package, we will ask you to complete a Registration form to provide us with the required information about you and your child. Download application form here. Please fill in the application and return to and a member of our team will be In touch with you shortly after the receipt of the completed form.

British Guardianship Agreement

We will then provide you with our British Guardianship agreement and ask you to sign and return.

Appointing an Educational Guardian

Upon receiving the signed agreement, we will introduce you to your child’s allocated educational guardian.

Correspondence With Your Child's School

At this stage, we will contact your Son/ Daughter’s School and introduce ourselves as your educational guardianship agency. We will also provide them with our contact details.


At this step, everything is ready for you to start packing and preparing your child for amazing UK educational experience at UK Boarding School.


Start your application process now

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