What to expect from us

British Guardianship has over 10 years experience in the international education industry and understands the needs and concerns of students and their parents. Upon contacting us you will be guided through the process by one of our specially trained staff members.

Our Guardianship programmes offer comprehensive packages from the first day of your son/daughter's stay in the UK and throughout the whole academic year.


Finding host family accommodation

An important part of the educational guardian's duty is to find host family accommodation for the child during holiday times and when they leave school. British Guardianship offers host family accommodation in safe and secure environments during these holiday times or for any unexpected events, such as illness.

Great care for parents and their children

The responsibilities of an educational guardian go beyond just providing a home for half terms, or doing airport runs at the beginning and end of term. Emotional support for the child who is separated from his/her parents must be provided. British Guardianship Educational Guardians will stand in for parents and visit the school regularly, discuss progress with teachers and give their support.

Assurance to safeguarding your child

All our staff is trained by the Brighton Local Safeguarding Children Board in Safeguarding Children.

24/7 emergency support

British Guardianship with a wide network of educational guardians and host families living close to the schools ensures children that we are always there for them to help them in an emergency or unexpected situation whilst they are away from their families. Our 24/7 emergency line is also available to all our students to give both families and their children peace of mind that they are always being well looked after whenever they need us.