British Guardianship Service Fees

This fee includes all the services of British Guardianship Head Office as listed in our prospectus.

Last Minute Guardianship Offers
£500 Termly
£1000 Termly
British Guardianship educational guardian for your child
Up to 3 annual monitoring visits
Arranging of airport pickup & drop-off
Additional transport bookings (rail, coach, taxi)
24/7 emergency contact during term-time
Finding suitable host-family accommodation
Background checks on educational guardian host-family
Assistance with choosing a suitable school if required
Assistance with the school application
Attending school parent’s evenings
Academic progress reports
Help with choosing GCSE & A-level subjects
Arranging English language courses or educational tours during school holidays
Help take students for visa appointments / police registration
Pocket money monitoring and distribution

Administration / Registration Fee (Non-Refundable): £150

Per student one time only.

Disbursements deposit: £500 / per term

We estimate that this is sufficient to cover further expenses and disbursements as listed below. If it is not sufficient then we will kindly ask you to top up. If an excess amount is left at the end of the program it will be refunded to you. A statement of account can be sent to you by return at any point during the year. We do not undertake large, out of the ordinary expenses such as purchasing flights or giving your child pocket money without consulting you first. With British there are no hidden extras.

Standard items paid for out of the disbursements deposit are listed below:

Host family accommodation: £45-£55 per night:
As a part of our guardianship services, we provide a host family for holidays and other times when students have to vacate their room at school. Students under the 18years of age are obliged to stay with host families, educational guardians or parents when they are on school holidays and away from their boarding schools. They are not allowed to stay in hotels. However, with a written permission from the parents they are allowed to stay with friends or other family members in the UK.

Travel arrangements by the British Guardianship:
British Guardianship can arrange transportation to and from airports with one of its partner trustable DBS checked drivers. These drivers have been checked by us and are known to us. They abide by rules of the Guardianship Programme which assures safety and reliability for our students. These costs vary according to distance. A quotation can be provided to you on request for any journey.

Travel with host-families:
There are times which the host family collects students from school and takes them back again at the end of their stay. For this, we pay them a mileage allowance. The costs involved with this are included in student’s termly expense statement. Host families do not do airport or long haul transfers.

Extra visits to see your child - £125.00

Host family/Guardian meetings - £50 per visit plus travel expenses:
Sometimes parents want to visit host families or to meet with their child's Guardian. We encourage this but would always ask a Guardian to attend host family meetings. For this we need to cover their travelling expenses and pay them a fee.