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Founded in 1999, British Guardianship developed rapidly to become the largest provider of educational tours to UK International Colleges, English Language Schools, Summer Junior Schools and since 2009, the organization has forged links with top UK Universities representing over 50 leading higher education institutions to overseas students.

To comply with our younger students needs to have a UK based educational guardian, in 2010, British Guardianship was established and gradually more students and families became interested in our services and to choose us as their children’s educational guardians.


About British Guardianship

British Guardianship has years of experience in the international education industry and understands the needs and concerns of students and their parents. If you are sending your son or daughter to a UK boarding school, then you will more than likely be asked by the school to provide the name of a UK based educational guardian who will be responsible for your child whilst they are studying in the UK.

British Guardianship multilingual staffs are ready to explain every detail of our services to parents in their own language. Our educational guardians are available for your son/daughter 24/7 with responsibility to support them in any way that will help them get the best out of their stay in a UK boarding school.

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