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UK University Guardianship

Overseas parents are naturally anxious about the happiness and welfare of their children when they have entered a new level in their lives which is University!

Most 17-18 year old students feel like adults, especially if they have been admitted to university. However, when something upsetting or worrying happens, and Mum and Dad are not in the UK, they need someone to turn to.

An educational guardian is provided as part of our programme and is there to listen, help and advice.

British Guardianships. and its sister company BritishUni, with more than 10 years of experience in education sector, help overseas students to find the right place at a British school, college, or university and then to care for them while they are here as their UK based educational guardian.

Unlike many other guardianship organisations, British Guardianships are fully accredited by AEGIS (Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students). This means our practices and processes have been thoroughly inspected and audited by this important organisation and we can therefore guarantee that we will act in your child’s best interest at all times.

Staff at aim to provide the support that you and your son/daughter need whilst they are studying in university in the UK!

If you have any question, no matter how big or small, that you can’t find the answer to, you can email British Guardianship staff at and staff will be more than happy to help!

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Why do I need a guardian if I am at university?

Students under the age of 18 are legally classed as children or ‘minors’ under UK law. University regulations state that although there is no minimum age for admission, applicants who will be aged 17-18 at the point of admission will be required to demonstrate that they have the required level of maturity to study in an adult environment and that they have guardianship in the UK. Visa applications are also usually dependent on nomination of a UK guardian.

Universities and colleges need to hold emergency contact information and to obtain authorisation to act in loco parentis in some circumstances such as any dealings the student may have with authorities here and in the case of medical emergency when the student is unable to make a decision for themselves.

Why choose the British Guardianships Programme?

Years of experience has taught us that the guardianship needs of university students differ greatly from those of children at boarding schools. Universities do not close at half terms so no host family accommodation is required, there are no parents’ evenings and few 17-18 year olds feel the need to see a guardian. The support they need is more of knowing they have a mentor in the UK should they need them and also, of course, the university needs to know there is someone resident in the UK, should an emergency situation arise.

The British Guardianships Programme has been specifically designed with university and college students in mind: it offers parents a low-cost solution to guardianship whilst satisfying the requirements of UK institutions and UK laws. It is assumed that students will be staying in accommodation arranged by the educational institution.

Local support for students

Where we offer guardianship and our team of Local Coordinators, our programme includes Head Office support for the student, the parent and/or agent, prior to arrival and throughout the period of guardianship. Our Local Coordinator will introduce themselves to the student on arrival and keep in touch by phone and email throughout the year. Our emergency email and phone helpline is available to the university, agents, parents and students 24/7.

Termly Service Fees

Term 1: £350 VAT included
Term 2: £250 VAT included
Term 3: £250 VAT included

*A £150 non-refundable one-off registration fee applies to all applicants. However, should the student decide not to come to the UK for any reason o the visa is refused, the termly guardianship will be refunded.

Optional extras:

  • Organisation of Arrival Airport Meet and Greet service / Alternative arrival phone call.
  • Airport Transfers and Travel arrangements
  • Visiting students and their universities anytime upon their request.

Should you wish to add any of the above additional extras to your package, please let us know at the time of application and we will ask you for a certain amount of deposit to cover the requested costs.