Opportunity to study in UK for underage international students.

British Guardinaship can help find the right boarding school for your child. We can help place your child in over 200 of the best boarding schools in the UK and can guide you through the selection and application process with ease and efficiency.

There are many different types of boarding schools in the UK. Some are single-sex schools whilst others are co-educational. Some schools may have a particular emphasis on religion and others may excel in sports. It is very important that you select the right school to suit your child’s needs and preferences. This is where you can take advantage of our expertise and experience of the British educational system.

You should send us the a copy of your child’s passport along with their recent school reports and inform us of any preferences that you may have along with details of any schools you have already contacted. We will then send you a list of suggested schools and then approach them on your behalf. Once you have selected a school we will send you the relevant registration forms and arrange for any tests that may be necessary. At this stage you should receive an offer from the school which we will help you to accept.

Boarding Options

Boarding schools come in single sex as well as co-ed form. Single sex boarding schools are either for boys or girls whereas co-ed schools have both female and male students.

Nowadays boarding schools offer more flexible arrangements than traditional boarding schools did in the past. This flexibility offers the student more chance to spend time with their Homestay Host(s) in short school holidays whilst still enjoying the benefits of boarding life.


The boarding accommodation varies from school to school but generally, younger children are housed in smaller dormitories with each having a separate area. Older students may be offered twin rooms and those in sixth form will often have single study bedrooms. Students can personalize their space by bringing their own items. Boarding houses are staffed by house parents who are often senior members of the teaching staff. Houseparents provide care and supervise students and deal with medical needs.

Boarding houses can be situated either on the school campus or within the school neighbourhood, depending on the school’s size and location.

Boarding houses offer breakfast, lunch and dinner with students eating together in the communal dining room. If the school accepts day students as well as boarders, they will also use the dining area during lunch hour. Many schools also offer kitchenette facilities so students can make snacks and hot drinks.

Washing facilities usually consist of a communal bathroom with washbasins, shower cubicles and separate room for baths.

Choosing a boarding school in UK

Parents will want to make sure of the quality of the school they are sending their children to. The Independent Schools Inspectorate in partnership with OFSTED is responsible for inspecting boarding schools. ISI inspections always include consideration of the impact of boarding on student’s educational development, whereas the more detailed inspection of boarding provisions is carried out by OFSTED, and where possible the inspectors from both organizations work together, producing individual reports which are then sent to all parents of the students at the school.

The other criterion for parents to consider is whether they would want their children to be educated with the opposite sex. Parents may take the view that their son or daughter would make more progress without the distraction of the opposite sex. Or others might believe that it is more natural for boys and girls to be educated together.