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UK based educational guardian

Educational guardians whether an individual or a family - have a responsibility to support the student in their care in any way that will help them get the best out of their stay in a UK boarding school.

The educational guardian takes an interest in the student’s work and progress and will attend parents’ meetings and generally monitor the academic and social development of the student and report back to their parents

Educational guardians are also a vital point of contact for the school. In cases of emergency when the student has fallen ill and needs to be taken away from school, the educational guardian is expected to step in and make all the medical arrangements necessary. The educational guardians are also there so that the student has someone to keep in touch with at any time, whether they have a problem they need to discuss or arrange travel. Above all, the educational guardian will do everything possible to safeguard and promote the student’s welfare.

Offer your children Life Changing Experience, let them study at UK boarding school

British Guardianship also offers guardianship services to university students


Why do I need a guardian if I am at university?

Students under the age of 18 are legally classed as children or ‘minors’ under UK law. University regulations state that although there is no minimum age for admission, applicants who will be aged 17-18 at the point of admission will be required to demonstrate that they have the required level of maturity to study in an adult environment and that they have guardianship in the UK. Visa applications are also usually dependent on nomination of a UK guardian.

Why choose the British Guardianship Programme?

Years of experience has taught us that the guardianship needs of university students differ greatly from those of children at boarding schools. The support they need is more of knowing they have a mentor in the UK should they need them and also, of course, the university needs to know there is someone resident in the UK should an emergency situation arise.

The British Guardianship Programme has been specifically designed with university and college students in mind: it offers parents a low-cost solution to guardianship whilst satisfying the requirements of UK institutions and UK laws.

What does this package include?

  • Helping the students with their University and Visa applications
  • Provision of a Visa Support Letter
  • Arrival Airport Meet and Greet service / Alternative arrival phone call
  • Helping the students with their “New life experience” as a university student in the UK
  • 6 Booking tours to travel With UK Study Tours for students www.ukstudytours.com
  • Telephone and Email Contact through the year
  • 24 hour emergency service and background support for the student
  • Helping with the university modules and assignments
  • Airport Transfers and Travel arrangements
  • Visiting students and their universities anytime upon their request

Please contact one of our members of staff and they will be more than happy to provide you with further information.