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As the parent/s or legal guardian of the student named above agree that:

British Guardianship will act as educational guardian to our child in our absence including in the event of emergencies. We understand British Guardianship might need to consent on our behalf if permission is required for anaesthetic and / or surgical treatment. We, as parents/guardian further understand that, whilst every effort will always be made to contact us in the event of an emergency, this may not always be possible.

We understand that a full term’s notice is required to terminate the guardianship agreement. A term’s fees must be charged by British Guardianship if not one full term notice is not given.

All the payments and booking arrangements with homestays will be done through British Guardianship and not directly.

A standard of behaviour is required from the student in accordance with British Guardianship Code of Conduct.

We have read, understand and accept the contents of this document and filled the form based on our best knowledge. We hereby appoint British Guardianship as our son/daughter’s education guardianship company.

This guardianship agreement shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and that it shall be effective from the “Start Date” above assuming that British Guardianship have received cleared funds in accordance with the terms

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