Exciting opportunity to study like British students

Curiosity, a desire to travel and a wish to test your independence are all qualities that foreign students will need to embark on one of our cultural experience programs in the United Kingdom. It is an exciting time for children who are already studying in schools in their home countries. They are becoming adults and they might want the opportunity to have the experience of living abroad on their own two feet for a short time.

On our cultural experience programs, students can see and experience UK culture, make new friends and attend a local high school while they are under the supervision and guidance of local people in a safe environment.

Our program allows the students the opportunity to live with one of our trusted and welcoming host families in UK. While living overseas students will immerse themselves in the life of the family, attend a local school where the family’s children might attend as well and become a part of the local community. Our programme is different to a holiday as although the length of the students’ stay is not long but they will transport their life from their own country to the UK and settle into life in their new home. They will not just be a tourist in a new city; they will be a member of the town.

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The benefits of our cultural experience programs are immediately visible to students and the people around them. They will:

  • Learn a new language
  • Make new friends and join British family
  • Live in the UK and live life like a local
  • Gain maturity, independence, judgment and experience


On our Cultural Experience Programme, the students will experience the following:

  • Life with a local host family who will welcome and support them.
  • Life at a British High School and gain British education experience.
  • Achieve new cultural experience.
  • Improve their English language skills by attending our English lessons.
  • 24/7 Guardianship service by being allocated with a local guardian.
  • Tours and excursions to see new places and meet new people that they would not have had chance to.
  • Grow in maturity, independence and confidence.