Helping overseas students studying at UK Universities

International students and overseas parents are naturally anxious about the happiness and welfare when they have entered a new level in their lives which is UK University!

With Years of experience and as a part of our guardianship services to our current or new students, British Guardianship runs “Student consultant” services, which cover every aspect of an overseas student's needs whilst studying in any UK universities. Unlike the programmes for our minor students, universities do not close at half terms so there are no parents’ evenings and hence the need to see an educational guardian is less than our younger students. At this stage and level of study, the support the students need mainly about being assured that they have a consultant in the UK in case they need them and also, of course, the university needs to know there is someone resident in the UK, should an emergency situation arise.

Staff at British Guardianship aim to provide the support that you and your son/daughter need whilst they are studying in university in the UK!

If you have any question, no matter how big or small, that you can’t find the answer to, you can email British Guardianship staff at and staff will be more than happy to help!


Student Constultant Service Fees

Our “Student consultant” fees for our grown up students are £500 per term which would be £1500 for the whole academic year. The deposit will be £500.

What is included?

Helping the students with their university and visa applications.

Arrival airport meet and greet service / alternative arrival phone call.

Helping the students with their “New life experience” as a university student in the UK.

Booking educational tours to travel with UK Study Tours.

Telephone and email contact through the year.

24 hour emergency service and background support for the student.

Helping with the university modules and assignments.

Airport transfers and travel arrangements.

Visiting students and their universities anytime upon their request.

Helping students with their “New Life Experience” as a university student in the UK.