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Junior School Overview

LTC summer school is the perfect opportunity to learn English and make friends from all over the world. In summer school, you will experience English as a living language. Your confidence and fluency will grow and so will your motivation to learn English.

But Summer School isn’t just about studying. It’s a chance to have a great holiday and experience life in England. You will become more independent and make international friends.

They have a busy social programme to make your stay interesting and enjoyable. You will have a full-day excursion every Saturday and a variety of afternoon and evening activities.

What is the main focus?

Main aim is to enable students to communicate effectively in English across borders and cultures by: 1. Giving you an experience of English as a living language that will motivate and inspire you to learn English
2. Giving you a language boost to increase your confidence and fluency, particularly in listening and speaking
3. Helping you improve the level of your English through a combination of language input and practice activities
4. Helping you develop the study skills that will enable you to continue to learn English after their course
5. Increasing your understanding of and sensitivity towards other cultures


  • 25 classrooms
  • Library & study centre
  • Computer centre & WiFi
  • Seating areas around the school
  • Garden
  • Tennis Courts
  • Football Pitch
  • Piano


LTC has dormitory-style residential accommodation above the school for students ages 10-16. If you are age 13+ you can choose shared homestay accommodation with a local homestay provider. They usually recommend homestay for 17 year-olds. All homestay providers hosting under 18’s undergo a police check. Please note that for legal reasons, we cannot offer residential accommodation for more than 28 days. If you stay longer than 28 days, you must change your accommodation.

Activities & Excursions:

You will have a full programme of afternoon and evening activities, plus a half-day excursion every Wednesday and a full-day excursion every Saturday. Students studying the Semi-Intensive Summer School programme will miss social activities between 1.45pm and 3.30pm on Tuesday and Friday, but will otherwise use the same social programme as the Standard Summer School course.


They have staff who are trained to look after you if you come to LTC Eastbourne without an adult. They will get to know you individually and will be there to help you if you have a problem or a question. They aim to provide the highest level of care including following:

  • Appointed Safeguarding Lead
  • All members of staff undergo a police check
  • All homestay providers hosting under 18’s undergo a police check
  • Staff are trained in the safeguarding of under 18’s
  • Designated staff responsible for student well-being
  • Trained staff in first aid
  • Friendly and approachable staff
  • Quality student support in accordance with best practice and British Council guidelines

How to Apply?

UK summer junior school placement service is provided by our sister company UK Study, you can apply by contacting us today.

For more information:
Call:  +44(0)1273 72 55 77

In partnership with UK Study

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