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Junior School Overview

Junior Vacation courses are a complete package combining English classes, accommodation, activities, social programmes and excursions for students from all over the world. In summer, BLC uses the city centre facilities of the University of Brighton Grand Parade and Pavilion Parade for classrooms and hot lunches which are served on site. All Junior Vacation courses run 7 nights, Sunday to Sunday, for arrival and departure.

What the school offers:

  • Course materials
  • Entry test
  • Shared room homestay (full board)
  • Weekly bus pass
  • Saturday full day excursion (1/week)
  • Half day activities and excursions (5/week)
  • Evening Programme (3/week)
  • Lunches
  • Sunday - Sunday (7 nights)
  • Certificate of Completion


  • Free Super-Fast Wi–Fi (70 Mbps)
  • 37 Classrooms
  • Executive Floor
  • Student Lounge & Patio
  • Welfare & Counselling Service
  • Academic Support
  • Airport Transfer Service
  • Accommodation Service
  • City Centre School
  • Royal Pavilion Views


All 12-17 year olds following the Brighton Summer courses stay with a host in homestay accommodation. You will share your room with another student from a different country. Please use this opportunity to practise your English after school as much as you can – it helps you become more confident and you become fluent in no time! Living with a host has a lot of advantages. You need to remember that they treat you as part of their family, so you also need to treat them with respect and follow their house rules. Your host makes you breakfast every morning and expects you to be home to have dinner with them every evening. If you are not going home for dinner you must let your host know as soon as possible. During the week you receive a packed lunch at the school from BLC. During weekends your host also provides you with a packed lunch if you are going on excursions or you eat lunch with them.

Activities & Excursions:

For all new students, Monday is the first day. There is an English test to determine the correct class level for all new students, together with an orientation so they are aware of the school rules, facilities and the schedule. BLC provides a weekly schedule of activities and excursions which are in the morning or afternoon. Students are shown the activity meeting point on their first day at BLC and this is where they meet at set times with their activity leader. BLC also provides 3 evening activities per week, and students must attend these after having dinner with their homestay. After the activity, students must return to their homestay before their curfew.

How to Apply?

UK summer junior school placement service is provided by our sister company UK Study, you can apply by contacting us today.

For more information:
Call:  +44(0)1273 72 55 77

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